Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I promise a post is coming... Until Then...

3 months in pictures...

Evie and I - October 2012

Church Trunk or Treat - October 2012

Evie at the Little Gym - October 2012

Evie and our Pumpkins - October 2012

Evie and Daddy Trick or Treating - Halloween 2012

Evie and Daddy on the Beach - November 2012

Evie at the Noah's Ark Exhibit - November 2012

Evie Playing with Cousin Alex - Thanksgiving 2012

The Halitzka Family at the Olympics Museum in SLC - Thanksgiving 2012

A couple of awesome Olympians - Thanksgiving 2012

Praying to be able to play on the stairs - Thanksgiving 2012

Winter fun California style - December 2012

Evie and I with Santa at the Church Christmas Breakfast - December 2012

Evie in her Christmas Dress - Christmas Eve 2012

The Halitzkas - Christmas Eve 2012

Evie and her new scooter - Christmas Day 2012

Evie Checking out Santas Cookies and Milk - Christmas Day 2012

Evie unwrapping presents - Christmas Day 2012

Evie checking out what Santa brought - Christmas Day 2012

Evie and her stroller taking her CPK for a walk - Christmas Day 2012

More to come next week after her 18mo Pedi appointment.  Love, Hugs, and best wishes to all for the New  Year!

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